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The 3165 was announced at the same time as the 3155 again using MST technology, and 2 microsecond core storage housed in 3360 frames. A maximum of 3 Megabytes of storage housed in up to six 3360's. The storage was 4 way interleaved this allowed overlapping of storage requests to both Instruction (I) and Execute (E) units. Up to 16K of 80 nanosecond  high speed monolithic storage acted as a buffer between the core storage and CPU.

The Channels were external units as with the 360-65, 2860 Byte Multiplexer, 2870 with three Selector Channels and the new 2880 block Multiplexer channel. See Standard Interface for details. The Consul a 3066 was channel attached and and had reloadable control storage which was loaded by floppy disk. The consul also had a micro fiche reader to show error conditioned and register etc. The system also required a 3067 power an coolant distribution unit  ( Water was used to cool the MST circuits via a closed water system below each motherboard of cards was a what can most easily be described as a radiator with chilled water in it). The customer had to supply a chilled water system to cool the closed system.  The customer also had to supply a 400Htz power supply. Most of the 370 range were powered by 400Hz supplies with motor generators located in the computer rooms.

Again similar to the 155 DAT was not standard on the 165 but could be added as a feature

So a complete system would consist of:
3165 CPU
3066    Consul
3067    Power and Coolant Distribution
Up to six 3360's Memory
Up to 12 Channels in combination of  2860,2870 and 2880 or total of 7 frames.

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