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The 3138 was a follow on from the 3135. Maximum storage of  1 Megabyte and reloadable control storage of 132K. The CPU cycle time was 275-1485 nanoseconds.

I/O again was connected similarly to the 3135 via integrated adapters or channels. 2 Byte Multiplexer channels were now standard as well as many of what had been features on the 3135.

Extended Control Program Support was standard on the 3138 this was a Hardware Assist that reduced the CPU time needed to execute certain frequently used supervisor functions in VM/370 and OS VS1 operating systems.

From an external view the major difference was the consul printer keyboard had been replaced by a 3270 type VDU and Keyboard.

Again the 400Htz power was supplied by a 3046 Motor Generator.

Below you see the 3138 CPU and the 3278 Monitor in place of the 3210 printer Keyboard.

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