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This was another of the entry level machines although it had internal I/O adapters like the smaller 115 and 125 it also had block Multiplexer channels to operate with I/O devices via the Standard Interface. It was compatible with the 360 range from model 2025 and upwards and approximately 2 to 4.5 times faster than the 360-2030 for commercial applications and 3.5 to 7 for scientific applications.

Up to 512 K of monolithic storage was available. CPU cycle time varied from 275 to 1485 nanoseconds depending on the internal operation being performed. I/O was controlled by a mixture of Byte Multiplexer, Block Multiplexer and Integrated Adapters. Integrated  File Adapter (IFA) for DASD and Integrated Communications Adapter (ICA) for communications devices. Reloadable control storage was loaded via 8" floppy disc, 24K was standard with additional increments of 12K as required for additional features. The consul was either a 3210 or 3215 Consul Printer keyboard.

Dynamic Address Translation (DAT) was standard and allowed for the machine to run virtual storage with a maximum address range of 16 Meg. The machine could run in either Basic Control Mode (BC) this enable the machine to run as defined for the System 360 or Extended Control Mode (EC) witch enabled the new 370 features.

The 3135-3  followed the model 1 with a performance increase of 1.25 to 1.3 This model had increased control storage of 132K, plus some of the additional features of the Model 1 as standard.

Power to the CPU was supplied via a 3046 Motor Generator  supplying 400Htz power.

The picture below shows the 3135 CPU and consul with 2319 and 2312 DASD attached (the 2319 and 2312 were models of 2314 DASD).

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