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The 3145 followed the earlier release of the 3155 and 3165. Monolithic main store up to a maximum of 2 Meg. And a CPU cycle time of 202.5 to 315 nano seconds dependant upon CPU operation. In addition to the main storeage     32 K of reloadable control storage was standard and could be increased in 2K increments at the expense of main memory. As additional features or emulation was added to the system so more space was required for the control store to a maximum of:-
3145-1    64K Maximum
3145-2    64K Maximum
3145-3    132K Standard

Channels were internal to the CPU and consisted of Byte and Selector channels with Block Multiplexer as an additional feature.

On the Model 1 CPU there was also the option of an Integrated File Adapter (IFA) to directly attach 2319 DASD. On the Models 2 and 3 this was replaced by an Integrated Storage Control (ISC). The ISC allowed for direct attachment of 3340, 3350 and 3330 type DASD. The ISC was attached to a Block Multiplexer channel see Standard Interface . for a description of the ISC.

The consul was a 3210 printer keyboard and 400Htz power was supplied by a 3047 Motor generator.


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