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Sorry no picture at this time. I do not have a mod 65, but I am willing to give one a good home


Again similar to the mod 50 this had CROS storage for micro code for the CPU, but the I/O channels were external units from the CPU. This removed I/O overhead from the CPU micro code. The external channels were machine types 2860 which had a one Byte Multiplexer channel and the 2870 that contained three Selector Channels. The 2860 and 2870 again control the I/O devices via the Standard Interface .

The 65 was an 8 Byte wide machine. Storage size's ranged from 128K to 1 Meg with an access time of .75 micro-sec. Storage was located in external cabinets although still attached to the CPU frame. Each 2365 contained 128K or 256K of core and it's associated power. Again like the mod 50, slower LCS storage was available up to 8 Meg.

The consul differed from the smaller models in that it could have two 1052's. These could be run simultaneous or one could be used whilst maintenance was being performed on the other. For anybody out there who has not had the pleasure of changing Tilt and Rotate tapes on a 1052 in the middle of the night the importance of a second machine may be lost.

The mod 65 was also available as an MP system with two CPU's that shared storage and channels.



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